Disability Evaluation System (DES) Program Specialist

Location: Biloxi, MS
Date Posted: 12-11-2017
Disability Evaluation System (DES) Program Specialists
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We are currently accepting qualified applications for a DES Program Specialist to support one of our Government clients at Keesler Air Force Base in beautiful Biloxi, MS.
Specific procedures for which the DES Program Specialist shall be responsible:
  • Serves as the primary contact for DES and Administers the DES at the Military Treatment Facility.
  • Provides oversight of the execution of DES policies in accordance with federal statutes, DoD regulations, and military inspection agencies.
  • Interprets and translates Department of Defense (DoD) and Air Force (AF)/Surgeon General (SG) policies and procedures.
  • Coordinates Line-of-Duty requirements; monitors the Veterans Tracking Application, patient appointing, beneficiary eligibility and entitlement determination, status of DES case management between the Veterans Administration, Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC) and Air Force Medical Operations Agency (AFMOA).
  • Coordinates with the referring provider, Director of Medical Services (SGH), or Director of Aerospace Medicine (SGP) to ensure the local process supports effective DES processing. Briefs local leaders and higher SGP headquarters on DES limiting factors experienced locally.
  • Consults with responsible functional representatives to determine causes of DES deviations, adverse trends and related impacts to determine actions to be taken or recommended to improve performance outcomes.
  • Identifies and recommends areas of improvement related to established processes/methods and reports recommendations to DES Support Team.
  • Coordinates with the SGH or SGP to develop methods to monitor appointing access timelines as required to maintain awareness of access-to-care availability, which includes recognizing appointing limitations and formulating alternative actions to ensure DES case processing continues to meet timely completion and accuracy requirements.
  • Coordinates with Medical Standards Management Element (MSME), Primary Care Managers (PCM) and SGH or SGP to develop methods to define process prerequisites and actions to effectively complete pre-DES, referral stage, and Medical Evaluation Board (MEB) phases of the DES.
  • Identifies challenges that could lessen the effectiveness of the DES and relays them to the Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES) Support Team; e.g., accurate and timely completion of the narrative summary.
  • Develops methods to identify possible health system processes that could impede DES processing and implement procedures with SGH or SGP approval to minimize or limit the impact.
  • Coordinates with MSME and Deployment Availability Working Group (DAWG) to develop methods to identify members entering the DES and methods to monitor those returned to duty, but require annual re-evaluation, ensuring annual assessments are accomplished within DoD established timelines.
  • Identifies and resolves complex DES case issues; e.g., cases involving Invisible Wounds of War Airmen. Maintains awareness of all cases to oversee or facilitate required actions to meet established DoD and AF guidelines.
  • Analyzes, interprets, and summarizes a variety of DES data, information, performance, and work processes.
  • Independently conducts, or participates in conducting, studies related to DES processes; e.g., work measurement, methods and procedures, timeliness of DES case completion and accuracy, and historic reviews, as requested by DoD, AF/SG, or AFMOA.
  • Uses knowledge of the rules, regulations, and guidance governing the DES along with various analytical techniques to verify proper management and monitoring of DES cases, timeline completions, and DES stakeholder’s performance data.
  • Develops recommendations to MEB President to prioritize problems in performance, productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency to support timeliness and accuracy of case processing.
  • In order to maintain full cognizance of DES cases, the employee gathers information; e.g., appointment availability, DES completion timelines, VA examination completions, and any issues that may have an impact on the effectiveness of DES processing, from multiple internal and external data sources; e.g., standard automated information retrieval systems and reports, internet-based sources, ad hoc reports, and interviews with personnel both within and outside the MTF.
  • Uses comparative statistics, methods, and analysis, which involves identification and development of major health care indices for trend comparison of Military Health System (MHS) data, by itself or relative to government health care programs, as well as benchmarking of DoD, MHS, or other federal medical facilities performance data.
  • Serves as the Physical Evaluation Board Liaison Officer (PEBLO).
  • Designated as the principal point of contact between the military member or Next of Kin (NOK), unit commanders, Recovery Care Coordinators, Veteran Affairs (VA) Medical Service Coordinators (MSC) and the boards of the AF DES at the USAF Physical Disability Division.
  • Prepares case file packages and provides to board members for adjudication.
  • Informs member of the board results and available options.
  • Ensures service member completely understands all phases of the process and documents their acknowledgment of understanding.
  • Provides counseling and direction on the DES process to all Uniformed Service personnel, or their NOK when deemed necessary.
  • Coordinates disability case processing actions with VA MSC.
  • Collects medical records and other related documents required for MEB and Informal Physical Evaluation Board (IPEB) processing following notification by Attending Physician regarding member’s requirement to undergo evaluation to determine physical fitness for retention in duty status.
  • Refers the prospective evaluee to the Airman Family Readiness Center (AFRC) for pre-separation counseling.
  • Obtains a statement from the member’s immediate Commander describing the impact of the member’s medical condition on the member’s ability to perform his/her military duties.
  • Prepares required documents, ensuring the entries on the applicable forms are complete and the DES case file is properly assembled and includes all the necessary supporting documents.
  • Translates Physical Evaluation Board (PEB) findings and recommendations into terms the member can readily understand.
  • Notifies the MPF of members returned to duty with Assignment Limitation Code-C (ALC-C).
  • Notifies members of unfit findings by the PEB and recommended disposition.
  • Explains to the member the effect of the disposition, outlining the various benefits and privileges of retired status if the recommended disposition is Permanent Disability Retirement List (PDRL) or placement on the Temporary Disability Retirement List (TDRL), as well as entitlements lost if member is discharged.
  • Informs the service member on the availability of legal counsel, briefs the appellate process, and assists in the preparation of requests for appeals, rebuttals, and impartial medical reviews.
  • Provides assistance in the preparation and submission of impartial reviews, written appeals, statement, or rebuttals.
Hours of Operation. KAFB and the MTF operates on a 24/7 basis.
Personnel will be assigned to TRICARE Operations and Patient Administration (TOPA) Flight. The normal duty schedule for TOPA will be 0730-1630 Monday through Friday. Personnel will be allotted a one-hour lunch each day.
Interested candidates may apply at careers@fidelitypartners.org or fax resumes to 210-568-4518.
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