Orthopedic Technician

Location: Nellis Air Force Base, NV, NV
Date Posted: 09-20-2018

Job Description

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Certificate. Graduation from a military or civilian orthopedic training program is preferred.
High school diploma or equivalent with additional training or education; supplemented with one (1) year of related experience in an accredited health care hospital which results in familiarity with and knowledge of hospital or clinic routines and procedures in orthopedics, including orthopedic trauma service, pediatrics, hand, foot and ankle, sports, and/or spine.
Maintain a national certification by American Society of Orthopedic Professionals (ASOP) or National Board for Certification of Orthopedic Technologists. (NBCOT).
Requires current CPR/BLS certification from an American Heart Association organization.
  • Two years of related experience in an accredited health care hospital and at least 2 years of experience as an orthopedic cast/brace technician and minimum 2 years of orthopedic surgical scrub experience.
Detailed knowledge of human anatomy and physiology particularly in regard to bones, muscles, nerves and blood vessels.
Extensive knowledge of the musculoskeletal system and the specialized procedures applicable to insuring that proper structural support or other corrective measures are provided.
Extensive knowledge of surgical anatomy pertaining to conditions involving orthopedic/spine injuries, disorders and/or conditions in order to communicate with and understand exchanges with medical personnel, and to perform surgical technician duties.
  • Knowledge of research methods sufficient to study, evaluate and recommend to the professional staff new developments in casting materials and techniques or new equipment.
Knowledge to research, organize and conduct an informal on-the-job training course for enlisted personnel being trained as orthopedic technicians.
  • Knowledge of supply, inventory and maintenance regulations applicable to all supplies and major equipment assigned to the office.
Knowledge of examinations, equipment and procedures to make the necessary preparations and provide assistance to the physician in the clinic.
  • Knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, function and surgical anatomy pertaining to conditions involving orthopedic/spine injuries, disorders and or conditions in order to communicate with and understand exchanges with medical personnel, and to perform surgical technician duties.
  • Knowledge of clinic administrative policies and procedures in order to perform a variety of administrative, Supervisory, and logistical supporting functions.
  • Knowledge of medical treatment records; to screen for pertinent information. Skill in reporting patient’s conditions for proper recording in charts, operative reports and laboratory reports.
  • Knowledge of examinations, equipment, surgical instruments, implants, methods, and procedures pertaining to Orthopedic/Spine, along with knowledge of related practical nursing and surgical procedures.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the step-by-step progress of specific surgical procedures and display dexterity in the use of required instrumentation. Must be sufficiently knowledgeable in all surgical procedures to assist the surgeon in appropriate techniques and instrumentation.
  • Knowledge of the common elements of a patient care plan sufficient to provide appropriate verbal information and written facts for a plan of patient care.
  • Knowledge of medical facility rules, procedures, and operating instructions including those relating to aseptic procedure.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with physicians, nurses, and other staff members
  • Ability to perform basic computer skills required for the delivery of healthcare.
  • Assists physicians with patient care; properly fits and applies pre-operative braces, crutches, and other soft goods; assists in preparation for and application of casts and orthopedic appliances; changes dressings; removes sutures, casts, and splints.
  • Assists physicians and nurses with orthopedic procedures, including wound care, aspirations, minor surgical procedures, fracture reductions, etc; instructs patients in cast and traction care and the use of orthopedic appliances.
  • Maintains clean and well-stocked cast and soft goods room; orders special supplies and/or equipment.
  • Coordinates data collection resources for the clinic information systems.
  • Performs clinic cast room duties. Constructs and applies a variety of splints and casts using all forms of casting materials to include thermoplastic casting materials, as determined by the provider. Obtains and applies needed splinting and casting material. Assists with initial casts by holding the injured/fractured areas, handing materials or equipment to the provider, or applying the cast materials while the provider immobilizes or positions the body parts to be casted.
  • Gives training and instructions to other hospital staff such as physician assistants, acute care physicians, nurses, and medical journeyman concerning casting, techniques and principles. With rare exception, takes timely and appropriate action in emergency situations. Routinely performs cast/brace duties at the accepted and normal levels of orthopedic trade practices. Routinely performs cast room duties efficiently and effectively. Promptly notifies the attending physician of any unusual occurrence or problems during application and removal of cast/brace.
  • Will be responsible for independently applying the full range of casts and traction devices. Must ensure the doctor's orders are followed exactly as serious complications could result if casts or traction is applied incorrectly. Standardized procedures are available but must be adapted or modified in every case as no two procedures are identical. Work must be customized to each patient.
  • The supervisor makes assignments defining objectives, priorities, and deadlines and assists the employee in resolving unusual or difficult problems. Incumbent is relied upon to perform details of work assignments with minimum supervision and guidance.
Degree: Bachelors of Science in Nursing.
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