Licensed Practical Nurse, NICU or Post-Partum

Location: Ft Lewis, WA
Date Posted: 12-11-2017
Licensed Practical Nurse, NICU or Post-Partum

Assigned to Labor & Delivery
Supervised by Clinical Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge

Fidelity Partners is a  national healthcare resource provider, we consider our employees to be our most valuable asset and offer a rewarding place to work which fosters both individual and professional growth. 
We are currently accepting applications for qualified Licensed Practical NICU and Post Partum Nurses to support one of our hospital in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.
Position entails assisting in the clinical assessment, physiological monitoring and testing, diagnosis, management, and prevention of sleep related disorders with the use of various diagnostic and therapeutic tools providing care to patients of all ages. These tools include but are not limited to polysomnography, positive airway pressure devices, oximeter, capnography, actigraphy, nocturnal oxygen, screening devices, and questionnaires.


Contract LPNs providing services under this contract shall perform the same clinical duties as those required of any military or government civil service LPN of similar experience assigned to the same unit. All LPNs may be rotated throughout MAMC's clinical areas, however they will not be required to work outside their scope of practice. A strong working knowledge and skills to use a variety of computer systems is highly desirable. A strong working knowledge of the military health care system and computer documentation is highly desirable.


Graduate from an accredited community college, junior college, college, university or vocational nursing program approved by the appropriate State agency and accredited by one of the following accrediting bodies at the time the program was completed by the applicant: The National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC) or the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).


Possess and maintain a current, active, valid, unrestricted practical nursing license in at least one U.S. state, District of Columbia, Commonwealth, territory or jurisdiction. All licenses shall be unencumbered and remain in effect during employment. The Contractor shall provide the COR prime source verification of the nursing license, documentation shall include state, license number, expiration date, me1hod of verification, and names of verifying official.


A minimum of one year experience in the past three years in the required specialty. Qualifying experience includes nursing care work in a hospital, outpatient clinic, nursing home, or other supervised medical, nursing, or patient care facility that provided a practical knowledge of human body structure and sterile techniques and procedures, performing such duties as providing pre- and post-operative patient care, assisting surgeons and registered nurses in including passing instruments, maintaining sterile conditions, and draping and positioning patients and setting up and operating special medical equipment and apparatus.
Specific Duties/Tasks.
Observes patients closely during pre-operative and post-operative stages. Takes blood pressure and checks respiration and temperature at specified intervals. Performs prescribed treatments such as irrigation of stomas, wounds, and catheters, accomplishes complex changing of dressings and suctioning.
Reports unusual conditions and informs professional nurses or doctors expeditiously of any irregularities noted. Participates in updating patient care plans consistent with recognized nursing standards and in accordance with nursing care protocols and prescribed medical treatment methods.
Administers medications within the established scope of practice. Is knowledgeable concerning the therapeutic effects, contra-indications, compatibility and adverse reactions for the medications administered.
Performs a range of treatment procedures that include veni-puncture, for the purpose of administering intravenous fluids, and monitors and regulates their flow rate. Inserts nasal gastric tubes for the purpose of feeding or aspiration of stomach contents.
Assists physicians with a variety of diagnostic support duties, bedside examinations, treatments, and procedures. Prepares instruments, trays, drapes, and dressings for special procedures such as tracheotomies, thoracotomies, or swan-qanz catheterization. Positions and preps the patient. Selects, cleans, and prepares specialized instruments and equipment for sterilization. Removes sutures.

Provides TOTAL patient care on a one-to-one basis when required, maintaining constant visual contact with patient. Has knowledge of the functions, controls and operations of various mechanical ventilators and is alert for abnormal reactions or symptoms of patients on ventilators.
Is familiar with a wide variety of inhalation techniques and equipment and is familiar with cardiac arrhythmias and recognizes cardiac alert situations. Monitors arterial lines, transducers and pressure monitors.
Operates electro-cardiograph machines and cardiac defibrillators upon request. Performs minor laboratory procedures such as guaiacs, sugar and acetone, and specific gravities tests. Takes accurate central venous pressures and is knowledgeable in the maintenance of electrolyte balances. Is familiar with complex patient monitoring systems.
Maintains accurate records regarding the physical and emotional status of the patient. Enters data in clinical records, nurses' notes, and other pertinent forms. Is familiar with admission, discharge, and transfer procedures. May be required to accompany patient on air evacuations.
Performs a variety of routine nursing care tasks such as making patients' beds, cleaning and arranging supply cupboards, cleaning utility rooms, cleaning and sorting supplies, instruments and equipment and calling attention to lock stock levels.

Qualified applicants are encouraged to apply at

Thank you for providing us your candidacy request we will review your background and qualifications to determine a potential match for this opportunity, if we determine you are a good fit one of our executive recruiters will contact you as soon as possible to discuss next steps, if you are not we will retain your information in our database for future opportunity.

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