RN-Cardiac Cath Lab

Location: Tacoma, WA
Date Posted: 02-19-2018
RN-Cardiac Cath Lab
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We are currently accepting qualified applications for a RN-Cardiac Cath Lab to support one of our Government clients at Madigan Army Medical Center (Ft. Lewis, WA)
Registered Nurse Cardia Cath Lab:
Assigned to: Oncology clinic, Cardiology Clinic, and Cath Lab and Gastroenterology Clinic.
  • Must have a minimum of one-year experience in the past three years in the required specialty.
  • Qualifying experience includes nursing care/Cath lab or conscious sedation/ICU work in a hospital, outpatient clinic, nursing home, or other supervised medical, nursing, or patient care facility that provided a practical knowledge of human body structure and sterile techniques and procedures, performing such duties as providing pre-and post-procedure patient care.
Cath Lab RN Duties:
  • Ensures lab specimens, immunizations, and other prescribed nursing care is delivered appropriately and in a timely manner.
  • Exercises knowledge and communication strategies that are age specific for patients and their family members.
  • RN Cardiac Cath Lab outboxes shall be cleared at least once a day and completed charts are audited prior to sending to coders.
  • This includes forms that are in jackets as well as loose forms of any type. Loose forms shall be stapled together prior to being sent to the coders.
  • The RN shall provide oversight and ensure that documentation and physician orders are completed accurately and correctly by licensed and non-licensed personnel.
  • Discarded paperwork with patient data shall be shredded and telephone consultations (TCONS) shall be handled and documented as appropriate by nursing staff in a timely manner.
  • Ensures providers requiring in-clinic lab work, immunizations, medications, additional vital signs, breathing treatments, EKGs, patient assistance, and other tests have staff to assist and perform the procedures in a timely manner.
  • May be required to monitor clinic End of Day and Monthly Statistical Reports provided by Clinical Support Branch (CSB) to assess patient access to care and clinic productivity and forwards all information to head nurse or chief for the designated service.
  • RN Triage duties include educating patients, providing appropriate documentation and information and informing the patients of MAMC policies and procedures. Utilizing approved triage protocols (including telephone triage), the triage nurse must sort patients into the categories of those who have emergent problems that require an ER visit; those with acute problems that should be seen within 24 hours in the Family Medicine Clinic; those with routine problems that should be seen by their PCM on a routine appointment; and those with minor problems that can be safely treated at home with appropriate home care advice from the RN.
  • May administer medications and blood products with the knowledge of actions and usual dosages of commonly used drugs.
  • Medications shall be administered within the scope of nursing practice and include intravenous, subcutaneous, oral, transdermal, rectal, and intramuscular. Medication administration includes titration of life threatening intravenous medications such as vase-actives, anticonvulsants, insulin, thrombolytic and other medications.
  • Assesses patients' conditions for potential or life-threatening crises.
  • Distinguish between normal and abnormal physical findings (from physical assessment and vital sign assessment).
  • Be able to initiate life saving measures in the absence of a physician.
  • Possess knowledge of the pharmacology of most commonly used emergency drugs, anticipated results, usual dosages, and their location on crash cart.
  • Capable of emergency equipment operation: defibrillator, EKG machine, cardiac monitor, and other equipment as determined by MTF, unit/clinic and position.
  • Performs, assists and sets up the patient for procedures, i.e., enemas, IV's dressing changes, suctioning, blood draws, EKG, and other tasks within the individual's scope of practice, MTF and clinic policies.
  • Prepares all records and reports as may be required in support of services rendered and as required by the MTF Standard Operating Procedures, Federal Law, or Service Regulation.
  • All written reports and documentation shall be legible and/or entered correctly in CIS or ALTHA and shall be considered property of the government.
  • Assist in providing conscious sedation but must have conscious sedation training provided at MAMC prior to providing conscious sedation.
  • Nurses assigned to the Cath lab will be knowledgeable on Radiation Safety and able to wear lead for prolonged periods of time.
  • Function as a patient advocate and patient educator. Assesses patient/family knowledge level, develops and implements a plan of instruction and documents demonstrated level of understanding.
  • Assessment plans will be targets at age specific needs. Each nurse will electronically document all patient teaching in the patients' medical record through AHLTA.
  • Contract RNs and providing services under this contract shall perform the same clinical duties as those required of any military or government civil service personnel of similar experience assigned to the same unit.
  • A strong working knowledge and skills to use a variety of computer systems is highly desirable.
  • A strong working knowledge of the military health care system and computer documentation is highly desirable.
  • Must be a graduate from an accredited community college, junior college, college, university, or vocational nursing program approved by the appropriate State agency and accredited by one of the following accrediting bodies at the time the program was completed by the applicant: The National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC) or the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).
  • Must possess and maintain a current, active, valid, unrestricted practical nursing license in at least one U.S. states, District of Columbia, Commonwealth, territory or jurisdiction.
  • All licenses shall be unencumbered and remain in effect during employment.
  • RNs assigned to cardiology and gastroenterology clinics must have current IV sedation certification.
Interested candidates may apply at careers@fidelitypartners.org or fax resumes to 210-568-4518.
Thank you for providing us your candidacy request we will review your background and qualifications to determine a potential match for this opportunity, if we determine you are a good fit one of our executive recruiters will contact you as soon as possible to discuss next steps, if you are not we will retain your information in our database for future opportunity.

Kindest Regards,
Fidelity Partners
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